Monday, October 17, 2011

Why does it smell like worms after it rains?

...i know i am supposed to like eat them anyway...but yukkk!!! i don't like them at all...they smell, too...especially after it rains and do you know why it smells like worms after it rains...well...i did some research and found that worms come out more after it rains because they need to keep their bodies moist to breath so it's really the only time they can dig their way out from the earth and crawl around on the ground and they also look for other worms to mate with on top of the ground so it smells like worms because there are a lot of them up out of the ground but that smell isn't just a worm smell...the smell is also the bacteria that is on the ground covers their wormy bodies and that is what smells and that bacteria smell is also released more from the earth through all the holes the worms make as they come to the surface so the wormy smell is really mostly a bacteria smell of the earth and it gets blamed on worms...

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